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Dili Tais Market is one name that is known in the timor leste, because this is where the vendors selling cultural items such as: Tais, Mortel, Surik, Samurai, Belak, Estatua, Uma Adat, and others.

Cultural goods merchant in this place in the days occupation of Indonesia in Timor Leste, and at that time the merchant is not much these days, and at that time about 10 people more because of the space provided for the sale of goods is limited, and most again occupied by fruit traders, food stalls and also a place to live and mostly from Indonesia. And at that time this place is known by the name of the Tais market.After a referendum in 1999 and people of Timor-Leste voted for independence, to live around this place in a few months, about half a year (6 months), because this place is pro-autonomy militia burn them after the announcement of the referendum and the people of Timor-Leste voted for independence.

In mid 2000, some merchants visited this place and start making tents to return selling these cultural items. Because many traders who arrived in this place, the merchants are taking all of these places.

With patience, these traders are not selling in the spot market in the standard category, because the agency that controls this area never came to fix these places, they make the place based on their abilities. In 2008 the International NGO USAID provides assistance to them in a way to improve their selling places, USAID provides financial assistance to merchant groups to build places of sale, and on 25 February 2012, this place opened and this place is called DILI TAIS MARKET Place that has become the center of the merchants of goods Culture to sell their goods.

DILI MARKET TAIS is now starting in the know in Timor Leste and the international community to come in this country such as: Staff of the UN, international NGOs, Volunteers, international tourists who come to this place.

Dili-Tais Market in Kolmera

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