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Tais Timor: the expression and the reality

Tais Timor: the expression and the reality

In the past, the time of our ancestors, timor leste existing traditional production, such as: tais.Ya, tais timor. Identity to the Timor-Leste. Between counties in the state have timor leste motifs and colors, with the difference that is not too prominent, but the motive is almost the same. 

How to make tais, the process through soru. Stuff to make it, such as: kabas (threads), in the era now kabas (threads) in stores or supermarkets. But from the days of our ancestors, people make a thread through the traditional kabas, climbing kabas into yarn for making tais. Soru tais are usually made by the women of Timor-Leste (the old folks in timor leste), there are usually made with their own and some are usually made with a group. And usually in groups more effective and timely manner, different from the soru tais with its own, it usually takes until there is even a weekly to monthly. 

What about soru tais on today? Nowadays the young people in Timor Leste can no longer even make tais (soru tais) probably because most of them living in the city, so they can no longer make tais (soru tais), and usually in earlier times people wear timor leste tais as the clothes to attend formal events, but now no longer visible, especially on such occasions are usually people timor leste tais always used to follow the show but now no longer wear (, they are turning to the goods- modern goods that are exported from abroad, they are not comfortable wearing tais as the traditional stuff, but prefer to wear items made overseas, such as: pants, shirts and other branded. They feel embarrassed when wearing tais at formal events, feel cheesy, but in fact they are wrong, because these goods are a traditional goods because of the inherited by our ancestors.

Tais Timor, the world is now more modern, generations come and go but tais Timor will still exist, that's the reality, the generations are required to maintain this work (tais timor), in order to continue to exist even be better known internationally. And we hope that the Timor Leste government could look at this issue, the government can provide motivation to groups of goods maker, can fund these groups that their work can be varied and may result in more production of tais. Government can also make a place for these groups were able to sell tais who have been in the produce. Because the reality we know that during this time of trouble selling the tais tais makers produced, they sell to traders Timor tais with a relatively cheap price. Even very low, for we hope that the government can look at this issue.

   Exemple tais timor


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